Improve your home health and comfort by protecting the air you breathe from contaminants.  Burton Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in whole-home filtration, eliminating harmful indoor air pollutants.  A media filtration system is incorporated into the air handler of your existing HVAC system, and effectively captures airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, viruses, and more.  Treating one hundred percent of the air flowing through the system before it circulates, sophisticated filtration equipment delivers results you’ll enjoy everyday.  At Burton Heating & Air Conditioning, our goal is to optimize indoor conditions in Windsor, CA & surrounding areas.

Expert Filtration Services

You’ve probably taken numerous steps to avoid energy waste and minimize heating/cooling costs.  A tightly sealed home is essential.  Unfortunately, preventing temperature controlled air from escaping also eliminates the introduction of fresh air.  The same indoor air is recycled, trapping germs and contaminants, and often leading to poor indoor air quality.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Burton Heating & Air Conditioning is qualified to offer proven and industry leading solutions to air quality concerns. While there are numerous options available, our team of experienced and highly trained professionals help you determine the right choice for your specific goals and requirements.  Contact Burton Heating & Air Conditioning at 707-318-2628 for installation and regular service of air filtration systems throughout Windsor & Santa Rosa, CA, and we’ll provide the right answers to any challenge.